Monday, September 11, 2006

Training Weekend September 9th and 10th

This past weekend we went on a training weekend. Many of last year's team members along with several new students went on the trip. Saturday we left at 9:00am from the high school parking lot and drove all the way to Horn Lake, MS and managed to make it there by a few minutes after 5:00PM. The point of this weekend was to simulate how the cross country race works. We went from Houston, to Okolona, to Tupelo, to New Albany, to Holly Springs, then finally to Horn Lake. Thankfully we had police escorts all day long from every county we went through!!! This made us all feel very important!! Then Sunday we came back home from Horn Lake through Tunica, Oxford, and Pontotoc. This weekend went very well and I think that everyone is really excited about this summer's upcoming race. Also we would like to thank Will Rooker and his family from Clarksdale, MS. When we came through Clarksdale they made us feel at home and gave all 16 of our members a Cotton shirt from their business, R.L AArons Clothing Company. Mr. Rooker also gave a donation to our Solar Car fund which means a lot to us!!