Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Team Picture

We would like to publish our official 2012-2013 team picture

After many attempts to get the lighting just right and everyone in their place we finally acheived a masterpiece! This year we wanted to try something different from our usual pose and are proud to say that we acheived it. We couldn't wait to let you guys see it. Our picture will be published in this year's race booklet along with all the other teams........... Sorry to disappoint but this will not be our picture. This was just a test shot taken by our amazing photographer Patricia Ellison.

This is our real team picture

This week in Houston we will do more than just take pictures. Friday, April 26, we will make the journey to New Albany, Mississippi to visit the New Albany's School for Career and Technical Education for their Technology Day. While in New Albany we are scheduled to visit their Rotary Club for lunch. Hopefully the day will be sunny because we hope to get some road training in on the way home!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Anybody Hungry?

Our team wanted to make sure the crowds stayed hydrated!

The team starting to set up for the day.  As you can see the sun is just starting to come up!

After about an hour we had everything set up and were ready for business!

Trey Franklin decided to start his own taxi service!

Our team would like to say a big THANK YOU to the parents for helping out and doing such a great job!  We couldn't have pulled it off without you!!

Andy Houser bringing in a shipment of chips!

Jacob Bridgeman ,Trey Franklin, and Zach Mixon bringing a cooler to the tents to be filled with our numerous drinks!
Saturday, April 20, our team was given the opportunity to sell concessions at an estate sale!  Our day started around 6:30 that morning and was filled with unloading, grilling, and thankfully selling!  We offered hot dogs and hamburgers, plus an assortment of chips, candy, and sodas. It was a great day being able to meet with everyone who bought and we would like to send a big thank you to everyone for supporting our team!