Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Members!!

Carley Hood posing beside Sundancer!

Cory Clark enjoying a "delicious" school lunch!

Trey Franklin showing his Sundancer spirit by wearing his team shirt!

Daniel Worthey posing for the camera!

Our newest Houston Lady Racers member, Jacob Bridgman.....Just Kidding!!

Dustin Pounds posing with Sundancer!

We are only two months into the new school year and we have already added six new members to our team! They are already showing a great amount of potential and we can't wait to see what the are fully capable of!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Fun Side of Solar Car!

Sydney Harrell (Pusher) and Elise Mobley (Rider) having a little fun during Electricity!
Hillary Colbert showing off her "bouquet" of flowers after crossing the finish line!

On the first day of school Whitney George, Suzy Reese, and Thomas Brown talked to everybody about this summer's race!

Hillary Colbert and Elise Mobley trying to make Sundancer II a two-seater!

The girls doing our "Solar Car, Solar Car" dance at the finish line in Boulder, CO!

One of the most fun aspects of solar racing is talking to the people we meet on the race and on training runs!

Jay Michael being Jay Michael!

While making a rest stop at Texas Tech, the Houston Lady Racers made friends with the mascot!

Nolen Hood and Jay Michael showing off their double dutch skills while in Garden City, KS!

During the race, we made a stop on our way to Amorillo, TX, at the famous Cadillac Ranch!!

I think somebody forgot to use deodorant one morning!

Our team was recognized during the first football game for winning the Hunt-Winston Solar Challenge!

While many aspects of being on a solar racing team involves a lot of hard work, our team always seems to find spare time to have a little fun! Aside from goofing off during our free time, we also have tons of fun showing off our cars at events and meeting all of the people along the way!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Visit from Mrs. Hill's GT Class!

Wednesday, September 8, Mrs. Hill's sixth grade GT class came during our electricity period and viewed Sundancer and II! Her class has recently constructed toy-sized replicas of solar cars, which has generated tons of interest in solar energy throughout her class! Our team had an awesome time talking to her class and teaching them all about our cars!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Meeting With the Steering Committee!

Dr. Mobley speaking to the Steering Committee about possible fundraising ideas!
Our team recently met with the Steering Committee to discuss possible fundraising ideas for the 2011 World Solar Challenge in Australia! Dr. Mobley presented a slide show from this past years race, and we also introduced our new members Trey Franklin and Daniel Worthey to the committee! Team Sponsors Anita Ellison and Donna Turman also shared their individual experiences from the 2007 World Solar Challenge! (Including when the team covered Mrs. Turman's tent in sardines!)