Sunday, August 04, 2013

Making our way back to Mississippi

After the race ended and a little sight seeing was completed, the students along with Ms Leigh Ann  flew back home.  This left the advisors to make the LONG drive back.  They have faced some issues along the way resulting in them only driving around seventy-five miles in one day while the other time was spent dealing with: vehicles running hot in the desert,  problems with Big Red's transmission and brakes as well as the latest item:  the hinge on the race trailer breaking.  At this time, the crew is searching for lost luggage along the highway.....
Before leaving our team made sure to take a picture of the Hollywood sign to commemorate our time on the race and in Los Angeles!

We took a day to do plenty of sight seeing!
Death Valley, hmm maybe we shouldn't have taken this route...

Someone help!!  Of course Mr. Reese was up to his usual antics despite a few bumps in the road!
 BB checking the wheels.  Mr. Reese said the brakes got up to 800 degrees going down the mountain!


Repairing the race trailer door.