Friday, February 26, 2010

Surprise Visitors!!

The girls taking time to get a quick picture with Mr. Vaughn Long!!

Vaughn Long taking Sundancer II out for a spin!

Reagan Byrne driving Sundancer II back into the shop after its trip around the high school campus!!

This week we had a couple of surprise visitors!! They came to look at our cars and we even convinced one of them to drive Sundancer II around the high school!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hillary Colbert , Reagan Byrne and Whitney George wiring our left blinker switch while being watched by Hunter Powell!

Hillary Colbert and Karmen Spratlin splicing two wires while Reagan Byrne starts stripping.....wires!!

The girls and Jay working together to wire Sundancer II!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Secret Meeting!

The meeting was so secretive, we had to whisper everything in each others' ears!!

Everybody working on "The secret plan"!!

This past Sunday, February 21, the girls met together to have a secret meeting to plan something special for this year's race from Dallas, Texas to Golden, Colorado!! All of the girls have been sworn to secrecy and won't reveal their secrets until the beginning of the Hunt-Winston Solar Car Challenge July 16-25!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catherine Marsh and Jay Micheal Alford zip-tying wires

Jay Michael and Catherine routing the wires around the frame of the car!

Jay Michael and Catherine metering the wires!

Jay Michael showing Nick Callahan where to start taping the wires to the array!!

Boys -VS- Girls!!

The girls taking time to practice taking off the tire before competing against the boys! Hmm I wonder who will win?!

The girls working as a team to take the tire on and off in 40 seconds to beat the guys!!

The guys racing against the clock to beat the girls score while being timed by Hillary Colbert!

While Hunter and Jay were doing their victory dance for taking the tire on and off in 35 seconds, Reagan wasn't having the same luck when she hit her head on the bottom of our car!!

Today we had a bit of a friendly competition between the guys and girls! While both teams did great jobs the guys won with an amazing 35 second score! The girls fell just behind with a score of 40 seconds! As you can see in the picture above, a couple of the guys were a little over excited about their victory!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reagan Byrne and Hillary Colbert splicing two wires together!

Reagan Byrne holding up the array while Karmen Spratlin starts taping the wires to the array!

Karmen Spratlin, Whitney George, and Hillary Colbert using NASA tape to secure the wires under our array!
Hunter Powell, Reagan Byrne, and Hillary Colbert metering the wires!

Future MIT Professor Hunter Powell teaching the girls proper wiring techniques!

Reagan Byrne and Hillary Colbert connecting solar panels in series!

Karmen Spratlin cutting a wire for Whitney George

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dismantling Sundancer II

Hunter Powell, Thomas Brown, and Jordan Hadin taking off the array

Thomas Brown, Jay Michael Alford, and Hunter Powell storing the array with the other retired arrays!

Sundancer II topless!

Thomas Brown working hard to dismantle Sundancer II....almost a little too hard!

Thomas Brown sawing the back ends off while being helped by Adam Chandler!

Jay Michael Alford helping to saw off a piece of our car

Sundancer II post dismantlement

Thomas and Jay putting our car to a new use.....wheel barrel racing!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The team working together to wire Sundancer II!

Jay Michael Alford, Reagan Byrne, and Hillary Colbert taping the J-Boxes!!

Whitney George and Karmen Spratlin gluing a Schott solar cell to our array!

Hillary Colbert, Whitney George, and Reagan Byrne adding another solar cell!!

Karmen Spratlin and Suzy Reese working together to apply to glue to a solar cell!

Our team has been working hard this week and has succesfully glued our Schott solar cells to our array!! We have started wiring the cells and are very excited about our progress!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Progress on Sundancer II!

Whitney George arranging the Schott Solar Cells on the array!

Suzy Reese drilling a hole into the array!

Reagan Byrne and Whitney George slicing the circles in half!
Thomas Brown drilling holes in the car!
He has his concentration face on!

Our car's array!

Hillary Colbert and Reagan Byrne soldering wires while being carefully watched by Hunter Powell and Thomas Brown!
Umm, well we aren't too sure what they are doing!

Reagan Byrne and Hillary Colbert soldering wires!
In the back Karmen Spratlin and Suzy Reese are cutting the Schott Solar Cells!

Hillary Colbert tracing circles to put at the front end of our car!

Nolen Hood and Thomas Brown doing what they do best
Goofing Off!

In the past couple of weeks we have made a lot of progress! We have soldered the wires on our Schott Solar Cells and are getting ready to wire them to our array. We have started to work on the body and are making designs for our car!