Monday, June 28, 2010

Hunter Powell and Thomas Brown putting on the "Caution Solar Car Ahead" sign on the race trailer!
Hunter Powell and Adam Chandler putting ropes on Sundancer II so they could load it on the race trailer!

Will Turman and Thomas Brown practicing loading Sundancer! They set a goal to load the car in a minute and beat their goal by seven seconds!
Mr. Reese having a driver meeting with the team before leaving for a training run to Greenwood,MS!

June 26, "The Guys" took a training run to Greenwood , MS! Before they left for the run, they did a little training at the school by successfully loading and unloading the car on the trailer within their one minute goal!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Meeting With Exchange Club!

June 25, our team met with the Houston Exchange Club! During the meeting, our team updated the members on what we have been working on this year and also presented a slide show about the upcoming race! We would like to thank everyone for serving us a great lunch and for their continued support throughout the years! We couldn't do this without you!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sydney Harrell organizing our Tape and Array box for the run!

During a short stop in Eupora, we let these two girls sit in the car!
Sundancer II starting its journey from Carrollton back to Houston!

While leaving out of Maben, our car was pulled over for speeding!....Just Kidding!! After the long day's run, we pulled over to charge Sundancer II and an officer of Maben stopped to see our car!

When we arrived back at the school, we surprised Hillary Colbert with a party and birthday cake! We forgot plates or utensils so we used a box cutter to cut the cake and coffee filters for plates!

Monday, June 21, we took Sundancer II on a training run to Carrollton, MS! We met bright and early at 6:30 that morning to start charging Sundancer II for the day's run! (We found out a few of our members aren't exactly morning people!) Our run lasted until five that afternoon, and our team stayed at the school to re-charge the car and to celebrate Hillary Colbert's 16th birthday!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Training Run!

Karmen Spratlin was our first driver of the day!

Hillary Colbert trying to catch a breeze in the summer heat...She wasn't very successful!

Making a 15 minute stop at Smokies to change drivers and charge our car!

Unloading Sundancer II after a lunch stop at Wendy's in Fulton!

The team getting the car ready to resume our training run!

After we arrived back at the school, we let Sundancer II re-charge from the 50 mile run!
June 18, we took an all day training run to Fulton, MS! After we arrived back at the school, we let our car charge untill dark and had a team meeting about the day's run. We also discussed the upcoming race, which is only 26 days away!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

"The Girls" finding the best spot to start charging Sundancer II!

Simulating an actual day in the race, we placed cones around Sundancer II while it was charging and put Catherine Marsh on watch duty!

Suzy Reese taking the car for a test run!

Mr. Reese driving Sundancer II around the school!.....I think he needs a taller car!!

Thursday, June 16, our girls team met to test drive Sundancer II to make sure it would be ready for our upcoming training run close to the Alabama state line and to practice any skills that will be necessary for this years race, including positioning the solar car so it can receive the most sun! Mr. Reese also drove the car but had a little difficulty fitting as you can see in the picture above!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Tuesday June 8, our team met to finish building the body on Sundancer II! Before we started we had a brief meeting about the fast approaching race and decided to arrive a day early so we can go to Six Flags!! We had a successful night and finished the body in under two hours!