Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dillon Harrison and Daniel Worthey making a piece for the frame!

The team fixing a short in Sundancer II's wiring!

The guys checking Sundancer while Susan George takes a picture!


More Sponsors!

The team making our calender for July!

The team smiling out getting to tickets to Six Flags!

Tyler Wilson making out a plan for our upcoming training run!   I think he likes coke  products!

With the race approaching in a few weeks our team has started training harder than ever!  We have several training runs scheduled plus work nights until we leave!  Our team recently took a training run to Tupelo where we paid a visit to Tag Trucking Company!  We would like to thank them for donating ONE THOUSAND dollars to our team for the race!  We plan to head to Texas July 11 and will return July 21, hopefully with two new trophies!  Our team would like to thank our sponsors for always supporting us and for making our dreams come true!!