Thursday, October 24, 2013

We love our Veterans!

Today, the team accepted an extremely generous donation from the Columbus, MS VFW. The veterans donated $10,000 to help the team fund this summer's race with ideally two cars. Right now the team is at a loss for words to explain how greatful they are to the veterans not only for their monitary donation, but also their service to our country. We had a great time today spending time with some club representatives, showing them around our lab, and sharing some stories. We have formed a friendship with some members that we hope continue. On Veteran's Day we will participate in their parade in Columbus.
 So we are accepting this check now?!
 The news man found it funny our captain needed to fix her hair before she would be on TV
 Interviewing Kristen Black
 Interviewing the Commander of the Columbus VFW, Don Fransico
Commander Frank Pemper of the Houston VFW being interviewed for the Houston newspaper
 The veterans that came to visit us today along with one of our special projects
 Mr. Reese making sure the veterans all looked nice before the big check presentation
 The news anchor talking to Kristen Black, Charlie Hopson, and Allyson Taylor about the car
 The BIG check presentation!! Pictured in the back is our team and on the front row is Keith Reese, Bobby Mooneyham, Beverly James, representatives from the VFW and Steve Coker
 We believe the veterans had just as much fun with our special projects as they did with our team and solar car.

As a small token of our appreciation, we presented the veterans with small replica models of Sundancer I. We know that could never thank them enough, but they will always have a way to remember us.

Friday, October 11, 2013

New Car

After extensive study of the new rules our team became concerned about the wheel base of our car. We decided it was hopeless to try and correct our current car because it would be too extensive of a project. The team has been tirelessly working and believe we have the new car running. This afternoon we were able to take Sundancer III on its first succesful lap around our parking lot. We know it doesn't look like much now but once the new cells and decals are added we know it will be a succesful car. Here is the first picture of our new car and captain Kristen Black