Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Visting the Columbus Exchange Club

The boys positioning their car in front of the Columbus Country Club for viewing before the presentation.

One of our newest members, Jasper Harmon attempting to escape Sundancer 1.

Mrs. Patricia Ellison, our new public relations sponsor, introducing the team.

Trey Franklin and Kristen Black answering questions.

The new team giving their presentation.

Calling the girls' team captain Sydney Harrell.

The boys attaching their tail to show it off to the club.

Daniel Worthey talking to a group of students from Columbus High School.

Kristen Black talking to one of the club members.

Some club members admiring the inside of the boys' car.

Trey Franklin, Daniel Worthey, and Jacob Bridgman talking to the news crew.

Trey Franklin speaking to the club president and her guest for the day.

Various club members and students viewing and asking questions about the car.

Thursday, September 6, 2012, the team went to visit the Exchange Club of Columbus. The boy's car was on display and we also gave a presentation, lead by Trey Franklin and Kristen Black. We were served a great lunch and had a wonderful time talking to all the club members, visitors from Columbus High School, and the news crew.