Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Our team was invited to speak to the Grenada Rotary Club about our future plans. Ms. Donna Echols, from the Clarion Ledger, came to see the Sundancer and to meet and interview the team members. We would like to thank everyone for their interest in our team.

The team members took turns explaining a PowerPoint presentation to the Grenada Rotary Club. 

Ms. Donna Echols is taking notes for a Clarion Ledger article on the team. Everyone, be looking for her article to appear online, and later in the paper. We appreciate her taking time to travel from Jackson to Grenada to meet us.

The Rotary Club plays a game that Mr. Reese learned in Australia.  

The club members proved to good sports and lots of fun!

 After the presentation the members wanted to see the Sundancer. Veteran member, Zack Mixon is explaining how the car works while two of our new members look on.


Mrs. Donna Echols not only got to see the Sundancer, she jumped at the chance to drive Sundancer.  We may add her to our list of drivers.