Friday, March 01, 2013

Senate Floor, Feb 21

 Jasper Harmon and Logan Vanlandingham unloading the boys' car at the capitol
 Logan Vanlandingham backing up big red to unload the car

 Captain Trey Franklin conferring with Captain Kristen Black
 The boys assessing the rain damage to their car.
Our team with Superintendent Dr. Steve Coker, Vocational Director Mrs. Beverly James, Mrs. Anita Ellison, Mrs. Patricia Ellison, Mrs. Donna Turman, Senator Russell Jolly, and Representative Preston Sullivan
Our caravan parked in front of the Mississippi state capitol

The team recently made the journey to Jackson, Mississippi to visit our state capitol on the gracious invitation of our Senator, Russell Jolly. Our team would like to thank him for the personal tour around the capitol and the invitation to be presented on the Senate floor. We would also like to thank Dr. Coker for waking up super early to join us and give a speech on our behalf. Even though the weather wasn't prime solar car weather the day was a huge success. We even received a standing ovation from the members of the Senate. Soon the team will be out on the road so be on the lookout!