Monday, August 31, 2009

Training Run!

Leaving the school!

Perfect fit?

Thanks to Officer Adams for escorting us and keeping us safe on our run!

Hillary Colbert being safety officer

Nolen Hood speeding by in Sundancer I

Anita Ellison explaining procedures......Wish I had listened more in Physics!

Suzy Reese, Allyson Parker, and Catherine Marsh "on a mission"!

Making a driver change

We went on our second training run and practiced driving on the bypass in our town. Our team is improving, and we have started training our new drivers. Thanks to our local police for escorting and protecting our cars and members. It is much appreciated!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Team Captain!

This year our team captain for Sundancer I ( Open Division ) is Will Turman. He has been a member for three years and has competed in four races. His first race was the cross country race from Austin, Texas, to Newburgh, New York followed by the World Solar Challenge in Australia in 2007. For the last two years he has competed at the world famous Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas, Texas. Will is a senior this year, and we appreciate the hard work and dedication he has given to the team.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

All Girls Team!!

We are very excited to officially announce that we have started an all girls solar race team! Team members include Reagan Byrne, Hillary Colbert, Whitney George, Catherine Marsh, Sydney Harrel, Elise Mobley, Suzy Reese, and Karmen Spratlin. Our advisors will be Anita Ellison and Donna Turman (E.T.) We are currently working on our design and have gotten a lot great ideas so far!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Kickin' off the Year!

This August brought not only the start of school, but also our first team meeting!

Little did we know, it wasn't just going to be a meeting, but we were going on a practice run. We went down to the by-pass here in Houston and let some of our drivers practice.

Team member Allyson Parker practicing a safety stop.

This meeting was also the first meeting for our newest member, Catherine Marsh.

Nick Callahan making a driver change.

Thanks for being a good sport and wearing the girl's cheetah print helmet!

Jay Alford bringing Sundancer II back to the school after running low on power. We decided to pull the car back with Mr. Reese's truck, Big Red!

Sundancer & Houston Hilltoppers

This past Friday night was quite an honor for us. We were invited to Houston's first football game to display our solar cars. This gave us a chance to interact with the community and for everyone to view our cars up close. We were happy to answer questions and share our race experiences. Thank you for this opportunity, without the community's support we couldn't have made it this far!
Members of the community getting a better look at
Sundancer I & II

Houston Sundancer Girls and Boys Team

Josh, Dustin, Hunter, Zack, Jay Michael, Nick, Austin, Nolan, Will, Thomas, Dr. Coker &
Mr. Reese

Karmen, Madison, Whitney, Suzy, Reagan, Allyson, Hillary, Ms James, Ms Turman &

Ms Ellison

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Recognition Ceremony!

Sundancer I and II will be on display before the Houston-Eupora football game August 21 and there will be a recognition ceremony at half-time. The cars will be put on display at 6 and the game will begin at 7:30.

Thanks VFW!

We would like to thank the VFW for donating 1,411 dollars to our team and for inviting us to eat barbeque with them. The Ladies Auxilliary prepared a wonderful meal for us. It was a great experience talking to the members and hearing their stories from wars that they fought in. We appreciate the sacrifice they made for our country's freedom. Their donation was greatly needed and will be put to very good use!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sundancer Breaks the Record!!

Here at Houston we are extremely excited about breaking the record for total number of laps made at the Texas Motor Speedway! With 554 laps(831 miles) Sundancer exceeded our competitors by 247 laps(371 miles). We are also excited about how the number of students interested in solar racing has increased; this year 19 teams entered to race in the Hunt Oil-Winston Solar Challenge! We hope it will continue to increase in the future!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Experiences from the race!

This year's solar car race was bittersweet for me. I had a great time, but it was my also sad because this was my fourth and final year. I am excited about passing on the solar car spirit to the new team members and I hope they get as much out of their many solar car experiences as I have. You go on a race with somewhat strangers, but always come back as a family. Good luck next year on your way to Colorado!! -Alisha Holder

I have learned many new lessons that will be good for next year and in life. My experience has led me to meeting a lot of new people and making new friends. I will never forget this year and I am very honored to get a chance to come. -Ashley Pounds

Through my personal experiences on this race, I've made friends and memories that will last a lifetime. I have also learned other things that will last like the importance of teamwork and preparation. When I grow old, I will be able to tell people that I built, raced, and won in a solar car around the Texas Motor Speedway. Now who can say that? - Jay Michael Alford

I had a great time racing, and I saw a lot of cars that inspired many new ideas. Even though we won and had a great time, it definitely wasn't easy. We made a lot of mistakes that should have never happened, but overall our team came together and won! I could not be more proud of our team or of our cars. - Thomas Brown

I learned that the race requires a lot of hard work and determination, and not to mention teamwork. I am looking forward to the cross-country to Colorado next year. - Nick Callahan

This trip to the Hunt Oil-Winston Solar Car Challenge was a great experience. I learned a lot about leadership and how to work on the car. Most importantly I learned a lot about how to work together as a team. I am so proud of our win, but the learning experience is best thing. - Allyson Parker

The Hunt Oil-Winston Solar Car Challenge has meant a lot to me. I have really gained a lot from this experience. I realized that winning isn't that important; working as a team, doing your best, and being fair is. I have met a lot of people and this trip has been a blast! -Reagan Byrne

I learned more at the race than I have since I became a member of the team this year. Even though it is a race, driving isn't the only job or the most important. Working as a team is extremely important and necessary for success. I enjoyed meeting members from other teams and appreciated how friendly they were. I had an amazing time at this year's race and can't wait for the cross-country from Dallas to Colorado next year!! -Suzy Reese

This was my first time to go to the race, and it was a great experience! I learned a lot more about the cars than I did before. The guys taught the girls everything that they knew about the classic car which will help us with the all girls team. During the race, my job was mainly safety officer, which was fun except for the blazing hot sun! It was definitely worth it though, and I can't wait to start racing again. - Madison Parker

This experience has been so fantastic! I think I will speak for everyone when I say that I have learned so much. We will take back so many memories from our trip, and I am already looking forward to next year . Even though our Classic car didn't win, we are happy with our second place win and how much we learned. We all worked so hard for what we got! I plan on racing next year and experiencing the same great opportunities!! - Hillary Colbert

The team became really close this week and worked together to achieve one goal. It was a great experience meeting team members from across the country. This experience is something I will never forget, and I plan on coming back next year. Our seniors Zack and Alisha will be missed!! - Karmen Spratlin

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Meeting With the Exchange Club!!

On July 31, our team met with the Exchange Club and shared our individual experiences from the race! We would like to thank them for providing a great lunch, and hope they enjoyed driving our car!