Monday, April 25, 2011

Melinda and Laura Brandon Parker starting to set up

Mark Wilson testing out his game where the person had to keep a kite attached to his hat in flight for a minute!

Corey Clark setting up his game.

Mr. Robin Mathis came over to visit our team!

Thomas Brown taking a break from his game to goof off a while!

Team Captain Hunter Powell's little sister Holly Powell tried out a few of the games!

This was a game where you had to hold a Popsicle stick in your mouth and stack six dice on it and be able to hold it for thirty seconds!

We had an assortment of prizes including silly bands,Easter eggs, and candy!

Nick's Callahan little brother Lane Callahan trying to knock Coke cans off of the pedestals with a yoyo tied behind his back!

Mrs. Turman's Grandson Grey trying to get all of the balls out of the box within sixty seconds!

This little girl was trying to put the cereal box cover together!

Mark Wilson stayed out of the sun with his covered chair!

Cade Ellison enjoying the day's games!!

Team member Karmen Spratlin's younger brother Connor testing out his skills!

Karmen Spratlin working her game!

Team Sponsor Donna Turman's granddaughter Jordan Belle
tried a creative approach to the game!

Our team set up a fundraiser at the Flywheel Festival based on the popular show Minute to Win It! Games were set up ranging from simple to almost impossibly difficult and challenged everybody to try to beat them! We appreciate everyone that came out and also enjoyed watching everyone trying to beat the games!