Monday, May 06, 2013

New Albany Day

 Solar Car admirers getting information from Kristen Black
 Kristen Black and Jacob Bridgman answering questions

 Daniel Worthey and Trey Franklin explaining the Solar Car
 Allison Taylor took a break to play a game of fetch with "Twitch"
Here Twitch....Go Get It!
 One of New Albany's students sitting in the car
 Some of our other sights that day...Yes that is a fireman climbing the ladder
 And he made it to the top
Ambulance Helicopter flying around for a landing on the field
 Landing the helicopter
 Tupelo Police Department taking off for a call that required the helicopter
 Solar Car students being announced at the New Albany Rotary Club
 Captains Kristen Black and Trey Franklin delivering the presentation
 Gentlemen from New Albany Rotary Club admiring the car

 Kristen Marsh speaking with Rotary Members about the car
 Driving the car for the Rotary Club
 Bridgman said it is HOT in there
 "Make yourselves comfortable"  Mr. Reese, and Trey Franklin
getting comfortable to discuss the car with the members
 Can she fit??  She did!!  Allison Taylor climbing through the bus window

We were invited to attend the New Albany Technology Day on April 26, 2013.  As with anything we do, our Solar Car trips turn into adventures.  Our first adventure was showing up without the car.  Mr. Reese got behind a tractor that had traffic a mile or so long behind it, and he couldn't pass. We finally the got the car to the Technology Day and had a great time.  Thank you Mrs. Susan Feather for the invitation to the Technology Day.  The day was beautiful and we had blast sharing about our car with all of the students.

After the Technology Day, we went and presented our Solar Car Program to the New Albany Rotary Club.We had good food and a great time at the Rotary Club.  The presentation was a success and we enjoyed visiting with the members present.  Thank you Jay Herrington for the invitation to present our program to New Albany Rotary Club.