Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Day Three

Today was day three of racing. In the morning session Tyler Davis drove the open division car and Caleb Alford drove the classic division car. Everything went smoothly and both drivers did excellent. In the afternoon session I (Leigh Springer) drove the open division car and Blake McCoy drove the classic division car. We both did very good too, and no I am not just saying that because I was driving. I was really nervous to begin with but before I was finished with the first lap I was completly confident and was going very fast. It was so much fun to get to drive around the track! I also got a little too hot, so when I got out of the car after 3 hours my legs were like jello and thankfully Andrea and Stefanie were there to catch me and take me to the media center where I could cool off and the race medical advisior could check me out. I am okay though, I just needed some water and to cool off. Both cars had a great day racing and I even completed 72 laps in the open divison car. I am really excited about tomorrow, and the team is still working great together, which is one of the main reasons everything is going so well! I would also like to thank everyone that had been viewing our blog, it is amazing to pull it up and see that so many people are following us each day! We have one last day so be sure to look tomorrow for the final results!!

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