Tuesday, July 18, 2006

First and Second Day Race Updates

The pictures you see below that were posted were from yesterday, our first day of racing. I was so tired that I failed to get them on last night. If you would like to see more pictures you can go to www.winstonsolar.org/race and click on pictures that is located on the left side of the screen. Yesterday was a really good day for us. Roderick Wiley drove the open division car and Lance Whitworth drove the classic division car. Both drivers did awsome. On the first lap for the open car Rod had to pull off because our radios had problems, but we managed to get it all worked out and had him back on the track in minutes. Then later on in the day he had to pull off because he ran out of air horns, and everytime you pass on the speedway you have to sound your horn. Again, we managed to get him horns quickly and get him back out on the track very quick. Lance drove great considering it was his first time to every drive on the speedway. He gave the classic car all it had for about the first 2 hours, then the last hour he had to go really slow and even had to pull it off the last 30 minutes because we used all of our energy. This was not a problem though, we just got it charged up for today. This morning when we got here and found out that we had recieved an 11 mile penalty from yesterday. This penalty was given for our batteries, for passing without sounding a horn, and for passing during a caution time. Now about today, we are in our third racing session at the moment. This morning David Peel drove the open car and Ericka Medders drove the classic car and like Rod they did awsome. Right now Andrea Westmoreland is driving the classic car and Matthew Jernigan is driving the open car. They are both doing great. The open car is in first and the classic car is in 3rd. AND IF YOU ARE WONDERING, YES IT IS EXTREMELY HOT!! We are glad it is very hot and sunny though, it helps us! Our team is doing great, everyone's spirits are still high and everyone is still working together really well! Mr. Reese is making it okay too! He has been great! I will try to get some more updates tonight so everyone will know what is going on.

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