Friday, July 14, 2006

From Houston to Dallas

This is a picture of Lance Whitworth, Tyler Davis, Caleb Alford, and Roderick Wiley. This was made just after loading up the car after checking everything upon arrival in Dallas.
This photo was made at about 1;50 am this morning right before we left. This is the entire crew that we brought to Dallas with us. Peolpe pictured besides team members: Beverly James, Reece James, Susan George, Whitney George, Keith Reese(SPONSOR), Marty Ford, and Robert Ivy.
From left to right: Leigh Springer(Captain of Sundancer), Andrea Westmoreland, Stefanie Barkley(Captain of Sundancer II), Ericka Medders, and in the back is Alisha Holder. This is all of us girls and we were so excited to finally be at the hotel!

*So, here's the story: We left Houston at 2 am this morning and did not make it to Dallas until 5:30pm. After, driving only 3 hours we did not even make it out of Mississippi and the school bus we were taking messed up. We were stuck in Vicksburg, MS for almost 3 hours. The bus did not get fixed, so we had to load everyone up in the 3 vehicles that we had. Mr. Marty Ford, a member of our school board, and the driver of the bus, stayed behind with the bus to wait on a replacement while we headed on toward Dallas. Not only did we have problems with the bus, but when we opened the trailer that the Sundancer was in we found that the rough roads had caused a few problems. These problems are totally fixable so it is no big deal but if we would not have discovered them then we could have had major problems. Now we are all getting ready to go eat dinner because we have gotten the car out and checked it and made sure everything was fine. Scrutineering will begin tomorrow at 1 and we will update you with pictures and everything as soon as possible.*

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Anonymous said...

Well at least you guys made it!

Next year perhaps you should build a solar powered school bus!