Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Last Day

This morning we got here to find that we had received a four lap penalty yesterday for going too fast out off of the track! On the other hand, we found out that they took 2 laps off of our penalty from the first day. We had gotten this penalty for not sounding our horn, but the race officials decided to remove the horn penalties from all of the teams. The Sundancer Team has had a great day so far, and hopefully it will continue. This morning Caleb Alford drove the open division car, and Stefanie Barkley drove the classic division car for about the first hour. In her first hour her speed demon side came out and she pretty much drained the batteries. Then Alisha Holder got and in only made one lap before having to pull in. This afternoon, Lance Whitworth is driving the open divison car for the first 2 hours and Roderick Wiley will be finishing up the last hour. Andrea Westmoreland is driving the last of the laps today for the classic divison car. We are very excited about everything, especially all the good luck we have had since we got to the race.

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