Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day Two

We love the water truck boys!! Thanks to Ryder for donating this lovely truck!
Once we got to Shreveport, Louisiana, we were hot and glad to get some relief by playing in the water!
Being presented with the key to Henderson, Texas! We enjoyed this town very much... the people were so nice and made us feel right at home!
We were letting all the kids from this town sit in our car to see what it feels like to be the driver of a solar car.

The second day of the race was Tuesday. Everyone woke up early to go get the car out and get it charged up for the day we had ahead of us. We went out second in the line up, so we actually started racing about 9:02. We left Palestine, Texas, drove 117.8 miles, and then trailered the car on into Shreveport, Louisiana. The drivers of the day were Caleb Alford and Lance Whitworth. When we got to Shreveport we displayed our car infront of the local Science Museum. It was a lot of fun because we got to tour the museum for free and it was also a great chance to get out of the sun and get in a cool place! Our team really enjoyed our time in Shreveport, and to make it even better... WE WON THE SECOND DAY OF THE RACE!!!

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