Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This is the 2007 Houston Solar Race Team.
Team members include:
Paige Lancaster
Jeri-Laken Alexander
Paige Smith
Hilary Hancock
Leigh Springer
Zack Huffman
Alisha Holder
Austin Marshall
Caleb Alford
Will Turman
Patrick Pearson
Josh Griffin
Lance Whitworth
Jodie Watkins
Jayla Alexander
Clay Fisackerly
Chaperones include:
Keith Reese
Beverly James
Susan George
Anita Ellison
Donna Turman
Robert Ivy
Donna Griffin
Also traveling with the team:
Whitney George
Reece James

The team as well as everyone else going on the 2007 Dell-Winston Solar Challenge has been hard at work all summer long preparing for the race that faces them. Everyone in the town of Houston is very excited and looking forward to following the Sundancer throughout the nine day race.

The team also sends out a huge thank you to Dr. Marks and his staff for putting on this race, Dell Computers for their continued sponsorship, and to our very own local sundancer committee that has planned a special ceremony for when the Dell-Winston Solar Challenge comes to Houston on July 18th for an overnight stay.


Leigh Mobley said...

Hello team! I hope the first leg of your trip has gone well! I wish I could be there with you. The plans for next Wednesday are underway. We will be ready! you know how to contact me if you need anything at all! Best of luck to you. Leigh Mobley

Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK SUNDANCER TEAM !! I can't believe how much you've all grown since I left HHS! I'll be keeping tabs on you and wish you the very best again this year. Stay safe and most of all, HAVE FUN! Laura ( Bray ) Weaver

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sundancer!!! It's been a pleasure following you again this year. I live in Belton, TX which is 45 minutes north of Round Rock. How I wished to come see you off, but my work hours didn't coincide with your schedule. My mom and dad are from Houlka, so that is why I am interested in you. Again, great job this year again!!
Eleana Andrews Cooley

Anonymous said...

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