Sunday, December 02, 2007

Collaboration with the Solar Wind Adventure

Chuck and Diana Hall have taken on an amazing project! They have collaborated with us for help and guidance throughout their project.
The Hall's currently reside in Texas and are both alumni of Purdue University. They have been judges for the Dell-Winston Race that takes place or starts in Dallas, TX every year since 1996. The idea for the project was discussed this past summer with Mr. Reese when General Hall was the judge for our team one day. Mr. Reese was enthused by the idea, and immediately was interested. He granted the Hall's access to the lab at our school and the use of some of our solar cells. After the boat's completion, it will be stored in the lab for safe keeping. It's always a great feeling to help someone who is helping our environment!
The Hall's made a trip to our lab to speak to Mr. Reese and the team Thursday, November 29 and stayed through Friday, November 30 to continue talking about the terrific plan. "Solar Wind Adventure" is the link to their site on the right side of our blog. Here are some pictures explaining what went on:

Chuck and Diana Hall with Mr. Reese discussing plans for the project.

Some of the members of the team cleaning off the solar cells that are being used on the Solar Wind.

Exploring the different possibilities for the arrangements of the solar cells on the Solar Wind.

Will Turman and Jonathon Barnett of the team bring out the solar cells so that we can meter them correctly.

An important element to check the correct efficiency is putting them in the Sun!

Preparing to meter the solar cells.

Reading the metering of the solar cells.

Mr. Reese metering a panel.

The team with Chuck and Diana Hall.

Thank you for this terrific opportunity Chuck and Diana Hall. The Houston Solar Race Team is honored to be a part in your awesome project! :)

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