Saturday, July 05, 2008

Arrival in Texas

After breaking down about one hundred miles outside of Dallas, TX, in the bus, on July 4, it was very hard to find help. When the team from Biloxi passed us, they immediately pulled over to help. Thanks to them, the bus was fixed and we were able to make our way into Dallas and settle in for the night. We are currently setting up and preparing for scrutineering which will start at three this afternoon. The heat is smoltering and it's only 10:15 in the morning! With one more day of scrutineering (Sunday), the race will officially start on Monday morning and will end on Thursday. After that, we will rest for the night and start home on Friday morning. To all those who are keeping up with us, please pray for everything to fall in place and go well, and also the safety of our competitors and ourselves.
*Houston Solar Race Team

The broken down bus!

Thank you Mister bus mechanic man from Biloxi!

Finally coming into Dallas!

Saturday morning.. Inspecting any possible problems before scrutineering.

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