Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hands Where I Can See Them!

What started out as a routine meeting turned out to be a very eventful night. New advancements were made on the car so we decided to take it out for a quick test drive through our town. We loaded up in the back of Big Red, called the police for an escort, and away we went. We didn't get very far before we noticed the back tire was flat. We pulled over in a vacant parking lot and our team was quick to fix the problem! We were back on the road in no time when we saw the Chief of Police quick on our tail. We were speeding! The speed limit was 15 and our car was topping out at 50 mph! Our team was dumbfounded and extremely excited! All of our hard work had paid off. The only problem was we didn't have our drivers licenses. We were so quick to leave the school none of us had our purses or wallets. A few of our members had to be taken away and one of them even tried to escape! Sundancer proves once more that anything is possible!

Whitney trying to make the escape and get the handcuffs off.

Thomas had the right to remain silent....but he didn't have the ability!

Put your hands where I can see them!

Just kidding! None of our members were really arrested.

We would love to show the police officers of Houston our deep appreciation for being so supportive and cooperative of our team. Without them we would not be able to be so successful!

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