Friday, July 17, 2009


Today is our last day of racing for the 2009 Winston Solar Challenge. I think that we have all had a great time, but are also missing home. It has been fun, but at the same time a lot of hard work. We have given our best every day, so hopefully all of it will pay off tonight at the awards banquet. We hope to be bringing yet another trophy back home to Houston.

Yesterday, during the second racing session, we had a few difficulties that we had to work through. First, we noticed that a solar panel was loose and about to fly off of our array! We had to make a quick stop in the pits to get it repaired before continuing on with the rest of the race.

This is what the car looked like with the missing panel before we repaired it.

That might sound like a lot to fix in one afternoon, but it's not. There was more. When we thought we were about to be making our final laps of the day, we had a blow out on the front right tire.

After the race, we still had a little time to have some fun while we waited for the car to charge!
Zack, Ashley, and Reagan were riding on our magic carpet (foam).

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