Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hillary Colbert, Ashley Pounds, and Karmen Spratlin
helping unload the trailer
Hunter Powell and Nick Callahan making sure
we brought everything back

Team member Allyson Parker organizing
a few of our tools.

The day after returning home from the race, our team is meeting to unpack everything we brought with us. Even though we are all extremely tired ,the entire team is working together and we are getting it done very quickly. Thankfully we came back with everything we brought, and accidentally brought back a few bugs that scared a couple of our members! Thank you to all of the dedicated members that showed up today to make this happen. We know you are all very exhausted and appreciate the hard work you are putting in for the team. We would also like to thank everyone that welcomed us home at around midnight last night. It meant a lot to us and we appreciate your continued support.


Jim said...

This contest is great for advancing solar cell applications. My brother was involved with one of the Dallas teams this year. I would like to contribute some of my time to the Houston team next year if possible. I am an Electronics Engineering Technician and have about 30 years experience in industry. I want to learn more about solar cell technology and their applications. Let me know if I can be involved with the team some way next year.

Jonathan said...

(this was originally an email, though the address at the top of your blog bounced back with message failure)

Hi Members of the Houston High School Solar Car Team!

Congratulations on your great 2nd place finish in the Dell-Winston School Solar Car Challenge!

As a member of the Northwestern Unviersity Solar Car Team, I am impressed with the work you've done! Being on a solar car team in high school must be a fantastic experience, of which I am envious. I know first-hand the kind of dedication and hard work being on a solar car team requires, and your team is doing a great job in designing, building, and managing a solar car team.

Anyways, the reason I'm emailing you is to open the lines of communication between your team and ours. As recruitment chair, I encourage your students to consider Northwestern for continuing their studies after graduation, and joining the solar car team once they're here!

If any of your students are applying to Northwestern, planning a visit or would simply like to talk about Northwestern with a team member, please email me and we will try to accommodate you.

I know that the intercollegiate solar car teams have formed a great network of sharing resources, knowledge, sponsors, (and sometimes parts!) If you're interested, I'm hoping to form the same type of mutually beneficial relationship between our team and yours.

Please check out our website at and I look forward to hearing back from you!

Jonathan Cook
Northwestern University
Mechanical Engineering 2012