Thursday, February 18, 2010

Boys -VS- Girls!!

The girls taking time to practice taking off the tire before competing against the boys! Hmm I wonder who will win?!

The girls working as a team to take the tire on and off in 40 seconds to beat the guys!!

The guys racing against the clock to beat the girls score while being timed by Hillary Colbert!

While Hunter and Jay were doing their victory dance for taking the tire on and off in 35 seconds, Reagan wasn't having the same luck when she hit her head on the bottom of our car!!

Today we had a bit of a friendly competition between the guys and girls! While both teams did great jobs the guys won with an amazing 35 second score! The girls fell just behind with a score of 40 seconds! As you can see in the picture above, a couple of the guys were a little over excited about their victory!!

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Anonymous said...

Keep practicing Girls. You'll beat those boys....... Always remember to keep the competition friendly.