Thursday, February 04, 2010

Progress on Sundancer II!

Whitney George arranging the Schott Solar Cells on the array!

Suzy Reese drilling a hole into the array!

Reagan Byrne and Whitney George slicing the circles in half!
Thomas Brown drilling holes in the car!
He has his concentration face on!

Our car's array!

Hillary Colbert and Reagan Byrne soldering wires while being carefully watched by Hunter Powell and Thomas Brown!
Umm, well we aren't too sure what they are doing!

Reagan Byrne and Hillary Colbert soldering wires!
In the back Karmen Spratlin and Suzy Reese are cutting the Schott Solar Cells!

Hillary Colbert tracing circles to put at the front end of our car!

Nolen Hood and Thomas Brown doing what they do best
Goofing Off!

In the past couple of weeks we have made a lot of progress! We have soldered the wires on our Schott Solar Cells and are getting ready to wire them to our array. We have started to work on the body and are making designs for our car!

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