Friday, March 26, 2010

Tupelo Automobile Museum!

Stopping at Smokies to make a quick driver change!!

While loading our car onto the trailer, the bars on our ramp starting breaking!!

Whitney George giving a little attitude while being safety officer!

The team working together to clean our array before the convention!

WTVA interviewing Jay Michael Alford about our car and the upcoming race this summer!

Members of the team talking with Mrs. Spain, the owner of Tupelo Automobile Museum!

Sundancer posing in front of the Tupelo Automobile Museum!

Loading Sundancer after a fun day at the museum!

March 26 our team was invited to display Sundancer at the Tupelo Automobile Museum Convention located guessed it, the Tupelo Automobile Museum!! We were excited to tell the convention goers about our car and are thankful we were invited!! We also made the trip to Tupelo a mini training run even though we had to trailer part of the way because of cloudy skies.

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Cindy Hale said...

We are so delighted that you all were able to come visit us at the Tupelo Automobile Museum. We were able to share your program with nearly 100 guests from the National Association of Automobile Museums and the Society of Automotive Historians. They were very impressed with what you have accomplished. Thank you for your participation in this wonderful day! Best of luck for you upcoming races!