Monday, July 12, 2010

Locked and Loaded!

The team having a short meeting discussing what needs to be packed.
Since our team's moto is "Grab the bull by its horns", it would be only appropriate for our team to bring Red Bull along with us to the race this summer!
Sydney Harrell helping keep Sundancer electrified by packing our electrical box.

Catherine Marsh packing two of our extra fifty-nine tires!

Jay Michael Alford and Nolen Hood working together to pack our electrical box.

Karmen Spratlin, Whitney George, and Catherine Marsh cleaning our traffic cones until they sparkle!

Whitney George placing a protective foam cover over our safety gear.

Sydney Harrell and Catherine Marsh putting our newly cleaned traffic cones in Big Red.

The boys learning how to fold our array cover...some things are just unteachable!

With everything packed it was time to pack Sundacer for its journey to Texas!

July 11, our team met at the school to pack for the race! We started packing at 1:30 and finished up at about 6! After everything was loaded on the trailer, we locked both of the trailer doors and won't open them until we reach Texas! We can't wait to start racing and want to wish good luck to all of the teams!!

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