Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pictures from Race!!

Sundancer II starting the Hunt-Winston Solar Challenge!

After completing day one, the Houston Lady Racers had to replenish their charge!

Sundancer pulling into Snyder, TX, our stop for the night!

The guys showing off their first place trophy while waiting to start day two!

Suzy Reese posing with sunflowers

Our team having a little fun while visiting the Cadillac Ranch!

The guys pretending to have a breakdown as the worried Houston Lady Racers zoom by!

Elise Mobley and Sydney Harrell trying to keep warm in the cool Amarillo, TX, winds!

Nolen Hood playing jump rope!

The guys goofing off during a rest stop!

Elise Mobley and Dr. Mobley preparing a much needed lunch for our team!

While in Garden City, we were treated to this gorgeous Kansas sunset!

Sundancer II speeding down the road!

Sundancer passing a livestock farm....I'm sure whoever was driving enjoyed the smell

The Houston Lady Racers posing with their first place trophy for day seven!
Will Turman and Hunter Powell also posing with the guys first place trophy for day seven!

Our team throwing our hats in the air in celebration of finishing the race!

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