Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day Three!!

Last night while the girls weren't looking, the guys thought it would be funny to make a few modifications to the car including duct taping their initials on the front!

The girls raising Sundancer II'S array so it can charge up!

Hunter Powell, Trey Franklin, and Tyler Wilson accepting their trophy!

Suzy Reese and Sydney Harrell receiving the first place trophy for the Classic Division!!
The guys getting Sundancer ready to get on the track!

The Houston Lady Racers taking Sundancer II to the starting line!

Tyler Wilson wishing Nolen Hood good luck!

Sundancer and Sundancer II were both awarded with first place trophies for Day Two this morning at the Driver's Meeting!! The guys have completed 188 laps and the girls have a total of 167! We will make sure to keep you posted throughout the day!

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Ann Reese said...

Congratulations to Sundancer and the Lady Racers! Houston and the entire county are pulling for you both!!!