Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Two!

Adam Chandler lifting Sundancer's array while Jacob Bridgeman secures it with the array prop.

Tyler Wilson and Cory Clark airing up the tires before the Drivers' Meeting starts.

Nick Callahan triying to catch a few more minutes of sleep before heading out to the track.

The guys posing with their judge for the day, Guntis.

Dr. Marks starting the Drivers' Meeting by doing team roll call.

The guys' first place trophy for Day One.

The girls posing with their first place trophy!

Jay Alford pulling out of Pit Row!

Sydney Harrell driving in her first race!

This morning at the daily Drivers' Meeting, Houston was awarded with two first place trophies for Sundancer and Sundancer II!! We had a slight breakdown with Sundancer but we have it back on the track and racing again! We'll be sure to keep everyone posted throughout the day!


Anonymous said...

YEAH Sundancer I & II!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Job on the Blog. Thanks for keeping all of us here in Houston up to date!

Leigh Mobley said...

Thanks for the phone call today!!! I have been thinking about you all! Your doing so great!! the pictures on the blog are wonderful... Good luck tomorrow!!!!