Thursday, July 21, 2011

Final Day!!

Jacob Bridgeman taking a power nap before starting the day!

The guys posing with Dr. Marks and their first place trophy!

The guys bringing Sundancer out to charge!

Whitney George and Sydney Harrell pulling Sundancer II, which is being driven by Hillary Colbert, to the starting line!

Sundancer at the starting line ready to start racing!

Sundancer II taking its first lap of the last day!

Today is the fourth and final day of our solar car adventure here in Dallas! Our guys placed first in their division yesterday, but unfortunately the girls placed second for Day Three . Both of the cars are still in first for the entire race with Sundancer having 317 total laps and Sundancer II having 273! The winners of the overall race will be announced to night at the closing banquet and we will be sure to let everyone know the outcome as soon as we find out!

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