Friday, July 15, 2011

Finally in Dallas!!

The moral of this story is never fall asleep around Sydney if you have a doughnut in your hand, you WILL lose the doughnut!!

Dustin Pounds doing his "tough" pose for the camera!

While at the race, we always follow the time honored tradition of dumping ice water on unsuspecting new members who think they are just taking a team picture!!

Nick Callahan and Adam Chandler airing up the spare tires!

Hillary Colbert checking the welds on Sundancer II to make sure they didn't break on the journey!

Dustin Pounds, Tyler Wilson, and Jacob Bridgeman bringing Sundancer back to the tents after it morning run!

The guys staking our their territory and setting up their work area!

Nick Callahan, Clay McNutt, and Adam Chandler airing up Sundancer's tires

The girls unloading Sundancer II!

Trey Franklin checking off an item on the to do list

The girls getting Sundancer II picture ready!

After a little bus trouble and an eleven hour drive, the Houston Solar Race team has finally made it to Dallas,Texas!! Scrutineering will start Sunday, so our team rose bright and early to make sure Sundancer and Sundancer II are still working properly after their trip. Although we work the majority of the time in Dallas, we also take a little time off to play. Our team is going to visit the famous Stockyard District this afternoon and later tonight we are going to Six Flags! We can't wait to start racing and would like to thank all of the parents and everyone who helped get us here and for always believing in us!! Sorry we don't have any new pictures posted, we are having slight difficulties with the Internet but we will have them on here as soon as possible!

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