Sunday, July 21, 2013


The official scrutineering portion of the event is now underway and the team has had a long day already.  We have successfully completed different test and obstacles and team members are working together to make a few necessary changes to the car. We want to thank you for your continued support as we work to make everyone proud of the Houston Solar Race Team.
Jacob Bridgman drives the car on the slalom course.

Allyson Taylor is helping the driver get to the next station in scrutineering.

The team is required to pull the car to all of the stations for the day.

Captain Trey Franklin using co-captain Kristen Black as a table for paper work. 

One of the judges checks the car's mechanical engineering.

Allyson and Kristen Marsh are preparing the car for some additions that are to be welded by Mr. BB.

The girls are working hard on some of the changes that have to be made to pass scrutineering.

The team is answering questions at the electrical station as the car is inspected.

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