Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day Five

Mrs. Ellison and Susan George at the Harry Potter festival!
The witches!
We have driven so many miles that we ran blew the tire off the open trailer on our way Wilmington, Ohio.
Our rest stop where we got to tour the facilities!
The Vice President of YUSA gettin ready to drive our car!

The Harry Potter festival!

Friday we left Nashville, Tennessee, trailered to Wilmington, Ohio, and then drove to Washington Court House in Ohio. We only had to drive about 29 miles, but this was a very hard few miles because we were going through towns and trying not to get stuck at red lights. We managed to make it through most of the red lights and only got stuck at about two or three out of some nineteen! One of our rest stops was YUSA, this company was nice enough to give us a short tour and even provided us with supper later that night. Their Vice President, Vincent Allgeier, even came down to our car and took it for a little spin around the Court House. Later in the evening, some of the group went to the Harry Potter festival that was going on in Wilmington, Ohio, and it was so much fun. We bought capes, hats, and Harry Potter glasses and made lots of pictures with the people that were dressed up as characters from the book. This morning we found out that we did win yesterday too!!! So day four and five were really good for us!


Anonymous said...

Wanted to see Mr. Reese in the Harry Potter glasses and hat!!!!!!!! So glad you were #1 when I signed on today to check results..Knew you could do it.

Coach and Elizabeth Rish

Terry Smith said...

Good Luck to your team. I had an interesting conversation with one of your adult team members at the Horse Cave Kentucky I-65 interchange. She explained the whole concept of this race, which is very interesting. Go Sundancer's
Terry Smith, PBI Bank, Munfordville, Ky.