Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day Six

Day six was a pretty smooth day for our team. We drove from Wilmington Court House in Ohio to Lancaster, Ohio. In Lancaster we displayed our cars at a car show they were having! This town was very welcoming and presented us with a gift for us to remember our time there. They were having a small festival and it was so much fun! Some of our team was even up with the town members doing a line dance. We then trailered on into Canton, Ohio. Of course we got lost on our way there... I think we have gotten lost during our trailer time almost everyday we have had to trailer!! Though we have made a few wrong turns and taken a few wrong exits our adults are doing a really good job, these roads up here are just confusing compared to Mississippi roads! Our team did win day six and we were all very excited!!

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Vonda Keon said...

go Sundancer. I live in Calhoun County and I am telling everyone about you. I'm even writing about you on my blog! You kids are awesome. Mr. Reese is doing a great job with you guys and gals. Win that race!