Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pictures of Day 1!

The team has to work together to prepare the car for the race!

Sundancer, driven by Will Turman, races around the Texas Motor Speedway during the first race session!

Whitney George is at the starting line in Sundancer II... the beginnings of the future "all girl" Houston Solar Race Team under the advisement of Mrs. Turman and Mrs. Ellison (also known as team ET).

We proudly fly our city flag. A special thanks to Mayor Stacey Parker for the flag and all the support from home. Also, we are enjoying the support of parents and other family members of our team who have come to the Texas Motor Speedway to support us (Even though the temperature reached a scorching 108 degrees.)

Mr. and Mrs. Hood, Nolen's parents
Team member Hunter Powell's Mom, brother and sister, and Grandfather
(In the background, note the team member Thomas Brown, "The Thinker")

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