Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Every morning before the racing begins, all of the teams have a driver's meeting. This is when the winners from the previous day are announced. There is a winner in each divison for both the morning and the afternoon sessions of racing. This morning we recieved three trophies. One for the Open Car having the most laps over all in its category and two more for the classic car's morning and afternoon sessions. Sundancer I, the open car, completed a total of 146 laps yesterday, while Sundancer II, the classic car, completed 101. We came out ahead on the first day with both of our cars. Hopefully today will produce the same or even better results.

Some of the other cars that are in the race do not always have enough drivers to drive their car throughout the entire day. So, sometimes we lend them a few of ours! This is Nolen Hood and Dustin Dendy driving the solar car "High Desert Racer" from Hawthorne, Nevada.

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