Monday, August 31, 2009

Training Run!

Leaving the school!

Perfect fit?

Thanks to Officer Adams for escorting us and keeping us safe on our run!

Hillary Colbert being safety officer

Nolen Hood speeding by in Sundancer I

Anita Ellison explaining procedures......Wish I had listened more in Physics!

Suzy Reese, Allyson Parker, and Catherine Marsh "on a mission"!

Making a driver change

We went on our second training run and practiced driving on the bypass in our town. Our team is improving, and we have started training our new drivers. Thanks to our local police for escorting and protecting our cars and members. It is much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

I saw and watched yall the other day during your training run. I was very impressed by what I saw. I have never seen teenagers work so well together. I am expecting to see great things out of this team and every single one of it's members. Keep up the work Sundancer!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay yall.