Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Solar Car Meeting!!

Team sponsor Donna Turman explaining procedures for the meeting

Time Out!

Huddle up!.....The girls planning a strategy to change the tire the fastest

The girls putting their tire changing strategy to use!

The guys racing to change the tire while being carefully watched by the girls

The guys working together to align the tires on SundancerI

We had planned to take a practice run at our meeting last night, but due to rain we had to stay inside and have our at meeting at the school. The meeting started off with a friendly competition between the guys and girls to see who could change a tire the fastest. Guess who won?......THE GIRLS!! Not really, but both groups had a succesful night and are still improving. Last night was the first meeting for our new team members Adam Chandler and Clark Carlisle. They proved themselves to be quick learners and hard workers.

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