Monday, July 19, 2010

Day One!

The guys unloading Sundancer at the Texas Motor Speedway, our official starting place!
After unloading Sundancer from the trailer, the guys did their last inspection of the car before the race officially began!

We would like to thank Coppelle High School for giving us this gift bag filled with bubbles, an eye patch, compass, and clappers! As you can see, Reagan Byrne especially liked the eyepatch!

While at the ice cream party, we were able to enjoy a little entertainment by local talent!

We would like to thank everybody for serving us a great meal!

Sundancer and Sundancer II charging for our second race day to Littlefield, TX!

The Houston Lady Racers loading Sundancer II on the trailer to take back to the hotel!

Today, July 18, we started the first day of the Hunt-Winston Solar Challenge!!
Our day began at the Texas Motor Speedway and ended in Snyder, TX! When we arrived in Snyder, we were greeted with great food and also entertainment!! We would like to thank everybody for coming out to support all of the teams and for hosting the ice cream party!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you guy are having fun! Stay safe and keep everyone informed. Good luck!!!