Monday, July 19, 2010

First Place!!

Hillary Colbert and Karmen Spratlin posed with our new trophy!

Hunter Powell and Adam Chandler receiving their trophy!

We are extremely excited to announce that Sundancer and Sundancer II won the first place trophy for the first day of the race!! The guys completed over 150 miles and the Houston Lady Racers finished with a total of 147 miles!! We are almost an hour into Day II and will continue to keep everybody posted!


The Cook Family said...

First Place, First Day...WOW
Go Sundacers!
It was a pleasure meeting you girls in the Marriot Hotel Parking lot at Texas Motor Speedway. Thanks for educating us on your solar car....You are a wonderful group of girls. We are excited for you. KEEP UP THE PACE and BE SAFE!
The Cook Family

Anonymous said...

Good luck throughout the rest of the race! Congratulations on finishing first on day 1. I wish I was there with you all!

Best of luck,


Anonymous said...

GREAT job you guys!!! Sounds like the race has gotten off to a great start!! Hopefully yall have MANY more days like this! Stay safe and drink plenty of water so you won't have to call Fred! ;)