Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day Three!

Doctor Marks starting off the Drivers' Meeting by giving a few notices and congratulating all of the teams for making it to day three before announces day two's race results!

Jay Alford, Nolen Hood, and Hunter Powell presenting Sundancer's
first place trophy to Fred Varian!

Suzy Reese oiling Sundancer II's bearings before taking the car to the starting line!

Our team posing with St. Thomas Academy from Minnesota while making a stop at the Cadillac Ranch!

Jay Alford spray painting his name on one of the cars while visiting the Cadillac Ranch!

Suzy Reese and Sydney Harrell sitting on top of one of the Cadillacs!

Reagan Byrne trying to cover Mrs. Ellison's face in oil from the tires!

Our team having a our daily meeting after pulling into Amarillo!

We are on our third day of the racing and are spending our next two nights in Amarillo, TX! Tomorrow will be a rest day for all of the teams, our team is super excited to be able to sleep in for the first time since the race started! While on the road today, the guys decided it would be funny to make the girls believe something major had happened to Sundancer! As the girls were racing down the road, they noticed the guys on the side of the road holding fire extinguishers. One member's arm was wrapped in a bandage! Of course we imagined the worst! At the next rest stop, the guys explained that it was just a joke and that Sundancer was still running smoothly!


Anonymous said...

I am guessing the prank was an idea of Nolen's or Thomas's...haha sounds like yall are having a good time! Girls, you're going to have to get them back for that one! Congrats on another day finished!!
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Sundancer II team members Suzy and Sidney aren't afraid of heights. Have fun guys.

helena said...

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david simmons said...

Congratulations. Being from Houston, Mississippi myself and having lived in Dallas, Texas since 1980, it does my heart good to see a "hometown" team win such a prestigious race.
Keep up the good work.
David Simmons Jr.
www.daside.com (this is what I do in Texas, pictures on my web site.)