Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day Two!!

The guys prepping their car before starting day two of the race!

The girls having their daily prayer session before starting the race!

While taking a two hour rest stop at Texas Tech University, our team got to meet a group of kids from a science camp who came out to see all of the cars!

Hunter Powell talking to one of the judges about how our day went!

The girls posing with Texas Tech's mascot!

The guys using Sundancer as a shade while resting from the day's race!

Littlefield, TX, native Jasper Collins smiling for our cameras while in the Houston Lady Racers' car!

The girls securing Sundancer II before going to the hotel to rest up for day three!!

On day two we raced from Snyder, TX, to Littlefield, Tx! Sundancer finished all of their 114 race miles and finished in first place, and Sundancer II finished in second place! While on the road the Houston Lady Racers chase vehicle broke down and we would like to thank Fred Varian,the race's EMT and security, for staying out until midnight to help us fix our truck!

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