Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pictures of Day One Scrutineering!

Station One: General Scrutineering

This station's purpose is to make sure the solar cars were built according to race rules.

The guys getting the final check-off for general scrutineering!

Sundancer II being measured to insure the car didn't exceed the maximum length!

Station Two: Electrical and Battery

Station Two is used to check that all electronics follow race rules and that they are safe to use in the car.

The judges checking our batteries to insure they matched the drawings and complied with race rules!

Hillary Colbert and Reagan Byrne securing a loose wire during Station Two!

Station Three: Tilt and Turning
Tilt and Turning is used to make sure the cars can make a u-turn within a safe distance and that it won't collapse when stresses are applied to the wheels.

In Tilt and Turning, the car has to be able to tilt on each side 20 degrees to pass the station!

Station Four: Slolam

This is used to test the road worthiness of the solar car and driver.

The guys getting Thomas Brown ready to drive the slalom course!


Anonymous said...

Blog looks great! Thanks for keeping us at home updated. Everyone here is pulling for you.

Anonymous said...

Wishing both teams a good and safe race. I am really pulling for you girls. I want you to come back to Houston as No. 1.

Coach and Elzabeth Rish