Friday, July 16, 2010

To make sure our array wouldn't get damaged while making its journey to Texas, our team covered the array with tarps to keep wind and debris off of our cells!

Mr. Reese meeting with the Houston Lady Racers and their parents before heading to Texas!

We would like to Thank Griffin Motor Company and Eatons for donating us two vans for the race! We extremely appreciate what you have both done for our team!

The team had a quick meeting to discuss what our day's plans were going to be.

Thomas Brown and Will Turman unloading Sundancer to charge!

The guys "setting up shop" at our hotel!

Since we have spent two days in Texas our team is getting even more excited about racing! Today after we finished tending to our car, we took a trip to Six Flags in Arlington, Tx! Tomorrow will be our first day of Scrutineering and we are hoping everything will go as smoothly as possible. We will officially start racing on July 18 and will finish in Boulder, Colorado July 25!

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