Saturday, July 16, 2011

Check In!

The Houston Lady Racers making sure that everything is in our Tape and Array box!

The guys organizing their toolboxes and loading them onto the trailer to be taken to the speedway!

Catherine Marsh taping the Pit Crew list to our Pit Crew toolbox!

Dr. Marks leading the Driver's Meeting which is where the judges and other staff welcome the teams and go over the various rules at the track!

Our team posing with Mike Gill and his wife!

Even though Mr. Reese was the one who got pied in the face, it seems like Jay Alford was the unlucky one!

This afternoon, our team officially checked in to the race and attended the drivers meeting! After the meeting we organized our tools and other things we will need at the speedway in preparation for scrutineering which will start tomorrow. When we were through, our team went to dinner with Mrs. Gill's son Mike Gill and his wife, who we would like to thank for buying every one's meal!! We are getting even more excited about starting the race and promise to do the best we can!

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