Sunday, July 17, 2011

Scrutineering and Opening Banquet!

Laura Brandon Parker qualifying to drive!

The guys at Station One: General Scrutineering which is where the judges make sure the teams build their cars according to the rules!

The guys lifting Sundancer during the Tilt and Turn test to prove the car can withstand forces put on it!

The Houston Lady Racers proving that not only the guys can lift a solar car!

Hillary Colbert preparing to start the Breaking Test!

The guys completing the Slalom Course which determines if you can drive in the race!

The girls starting the Electrical Station!

I think the guys thought we were tailgating instead of going through scrutineering!

This morning, our team woke up bright and early to make sure our cars were ready to start the first day of scrutinnering! (a series of tests our cars must pass before being able to compete) Sundancer and Sundancer II have passed all of the stations for today and will only have to complete two tomorrow morning. We will also start racing tomorrow afternoon!! After scrutineering ended, all of the teams gathered for the Opening Banquet to celebrate the start of the race and to help the teams get to know each other! We would again like to thank everyone who got us to this point, without your support we would have never made it this far!!

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