Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 2 of Scruttineering

Our team started the second day of scruttineering today and have been up working on the car since 5:30 this morning. We are working on passing the last of scruttineering stations in order to be ready to race tomorrow. Due to Internet connections we will not be updating the blog but once every night, if you want to keep up with us during the day you can check our Facebook, Sundancer Solar Car; twitter, Houston Raceteam; or our instagram, Sundancer.  We are excited to begin our journey to L.A. and are looking forward to the experience we will have with our teammates! 
The team worked this morning before the sun was even up.

The heat is starting to get to Jacob Bridgman.

The team working on the car to get it race ready.

Captain Trey Franklin completed the brake test with a thumbs up.

Big Red driving on the race track to test our car's road safety.
Safety officer Charlsi Allen warning all of the oncoming traffic that the car is on the side of the road.

Mrs. Ellison showing how excited she is to finally drive on the speedway.

Trey sporting some gorgeous pink sunglasses that he stole from Kristen Marsh .

The team taking the car off of the trailer after passing the braking and road safety test. 

Zack Mixon and Daniel Worthey collaborate on the best way to complete the task at hand.

Kristen Marsh, Allyson Taylor, and Daniel Worthey put the side panel on the car.

Jacob checking out the underside of Sundancer. 

The team prepares to pass the vision test by adjusting the mirrors.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to the Houston Solar Race Team. I know you all will do well. You all are a part of something amazing. Don't take it for granted. Wear that yellow with pride. I wish I could be with you all. Have fun & be safe.
Best wishes,
Hillary Colbert AKA Franny

Sundancer said...

Good Luck Team. I hate I can't be there with you. Have fun and bring home the trophy!!!! Mrs. Patricia